It is very important for our company to take care of our people and our land, for this reason we want to share with our fans our way to contribute with our country and with mother Earth in a responsible and lovely way of farming, preventing desertification, pollution, unemployment and the damage of the land.  Organic farming, also called  biological, is based on the cultivation that takes advantage of natural resources for combating Pests, maintaining or increasing soil fertility, etc, without resorting to synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, and the non-use of organisms that have been genetically modified, GMO.

This type of agriculture is the best way to reproduce  more natural, healthy and nutritious food and in addition it helps to achieve an environmental Sustainability causing minimal environmental impact.

We are in a constant campaign of the proliferation of bees, as these are in danger of extinction by the indiscriminate use of pesticides, we  are Increasing  the number bees houses because this wonderful insects help us pollinate avocado trees  and thus have more fruits in a natural way.

The water that leaves the process of avocado oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamins of the avocado . This water is carried to each tree with Tankers for the respective nutrition of their roots, also the avocado mass that remains from the process serves to return it to the soil for the trees to be nurtured naturally.

Instead of using herbicides to get rid of weed, we plant alfalfa under the trees , first to feed the animals and also to cover the trees crowns to give moisture to the roots and promote  an ecosystem full of beneficial microorganisms that feeds the plant naturally without the use of chemicals

Our 70 hectares are entirely irrigated with drip and sprinkler  irrigation so we prevent over flooding of water which erodes the soil

In Uyamafarms, we plant native  trees , shrubbery and plants , to have an animal and insect diversity that help maintaining the equilibrium of the ecosystems. We are trying to be an example for future farmers.In addition to this ,we have our nurseries , where we sell Premium Quality plants to promote the cultivation of avocado , besides teaching new and good agricultural practices to small and large producers.

“ for 10 years we have had an organic ,  sustainable  way of farming and soon we will have the organic certification”