Mira Avocado Honey

Sustainable agriculture and health care are of the highest priorities of our company and therefore, encourage the bee population is essential for the pollination of our trees and the environmental balance.
To achieve this goal, we must mention we do not use any product that could be harmful to bees, and we maintain a constant bloom all year round, thanks to the equatorial eternal spring and careful management we give our trees.

100% artisan - 100% natural

Our bees live in our avocado orchards and feed from the nectar of it´s flowers.
The special characteristic this honey is its darkness, wild delicious aroma and strong flavor.

Use it as a natural sweetener, on bread, on desserts, pancakes, salad dressings, smoothies.
Chicken seasoning, honey mustard sauce… Never stop creating and Bee Happy


  • Pet bottle 370gr
  • By bulk