Uyamafarms is an Ecuadorian family company dedicated to the production of avocados and their derivatives. We are very proud to say that we have a product with 100% traceability, since we own the orchards, the extraction of the oil, and the bottling up to the final product, that is why we can ensure the quality of our products. By cultivating avocados we wanted to strengthen the economy of the area where we are located, striving to create jobs and motivating the production of avocados in Ecuador, but especially creating healthy products for our people. We are honored to have one of the best and freshest avocado oil in the world because we have just one season and microclimates that allow us to have a constant production of avocados, so we can supply our customers all year. Always innovating, we also have avocado ingredients available such as avocado seed, skin and tree leaves in bulk. These ingredients are amazing supplies to create unique cosmetics and health products. Head over to our Avocado Ingredients by Bulk section to read more. We handle the crops in an organic and sustainable way so our products are 100% natural, free of chemicals, gluten free, no gmo, without preservatives or phthalates, zero trans fats, rich in antioxidants, and with a very high smoke point 223 degrees celsius.